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Height: 5'7" | Weight: 50KG | Vitals: 32-26-34 | COMPLEXION: Fair


I am refreshing and exotic models for fashion shows in ahmedabad attracted by my unparalleled beauty and charm. I have exotic class, elegance, shapely petite body, fair soft skin and perfect assets to make me the stopper with enchanting smile, dresses to impress. I am easy-going and gifted models for ramp shows in ahmedabad with personality and beauty. I look totally different from other female models with my reverential manner with confidence. I with my toned beauty and self-effacing exhilaration can take direction without limitations to know the offer. I do not have any piercings or tattoos to rob my classic and natural look. My vivacious curves and intelligence is more than enough to get selected as best fashion shows. My illuminated fair skin and dark hair which normally emphasizes all exotic beauty.


I am most fit for models for jewelry in ahmedabad. My beautiful face and sensational figure makes me memorable for all exotic shoots and can add touch to your product. I am a sexy charming model with hot personality to explore offers. I do yoga for keeping fit to be called for models for garments in ahmedabad. No doubt my elegance, fashion and intelligence will hook you up instantly. My natural complexity of a delightful model, remarkable stunning figure, beauty and brains is one good combo for hard work for the best assignments. I am staying fit and healthy all times for every modeling aspect for models for garments/jewelry in gujrat for great experience.


Know me as a talented model, graceful and bright with energy, attention for various assignments behind the camera as models for photoshoots in ahmedabad. My sparkling attractive personality, intelligence is ready for performance in exploring all offers with my charms and passion. I am sophisticated, high class model waiting to be called for models for print shoots in ahmedabad.

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